Shop Great Lakes Proud: Spreading Third Coast pride one sticker at a time

Austin Holsinger couldn’t help but notice a small, ubiquitous sticker slapped on bumpers throughout the American South: a crescent moon and palm design commemorating the state of South Carolina.  With an example set before him, Holsinger founded Great Lakes Proud and began selling a series of iconic stickers outlining the five Great Lakes.  The sticker soon became a popular, simple means to honor the grandeur of the vast waters surrounding Northern Michigan.

Great Lakes Proud’s standard 3”x5” sticker squeezes snugly into the corner of your car’s rear window.  It can cover up that pesky corporate logo on the back of your tablet or laptop, letting all passers-by know that your allegiances lie with the waters of the Great Lakes and not some, well, piece of fruit.  And its tough, vinyl construction means it’ll gladly stick around in wet conditions, whether you’re on your stand-up paddleboard, wearing a ski helmet, or sipping from a sweating water bottle.

With every sticker bought, 15% of the purchase price is donated to organizations working to preserve or improve the Great Lakes.  Great Lakes Proud has worked with institutions as large as Shedd Aquarium, but also contributes to smaller groups like Rock CF Foundation, an organization committed to both promoting healthy living and raising awareness in the fight against Cystic Fibrosis.  Plus, Great Lakes Proud welcomes suggestions regarding which organizations deserve support.  Says Holsinger: “I love that the sticker empowers consumers with their purchase. Even if it’s just a couple cents, you’re gonna still feel good… It’s simply a socially responsible thing to do.”

Great Lakes Proud is based in Northern Michigan, and is a featured retailer at ShopMyNorth.

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