Grand Traverse Culinary Oils was inadvertently launched when Bill Koucky, a Northern Michigan resident for 27 years, planted 20 acres of canola as a means to provide fuel for his tractor. Only later did Koucky recognize that he had all the necessary equipment and materials to produce high-quality cooking oils; that realization led to his establishing Grand Traverse Culinary Oils.

The local business employs a simple, natural process to create superior cooking oils. Unlike mass-market cooking oils, which are extracted with a variety of chemical solvents, Grand Traverse Culinary Oils utilizes the age-old cold-pressed technique. This method of physical—not chemical—extraction produces a healthier, tastier oil.

Only organic, non-genetically modified seeds sourced exclusively from Leelanau and Grand Traverse counties are used in the oils. “When you taste our oil, you’re tasting Northern Michigan,” Koucky says. Grand Traverse Culinary Oils offers both sunflower and canola oil.

“Our products are unrefined, which makes for a huge taste difference,” he adds. “Refinement takes all the good stuff out; we know our products are all-natural because that good stuff is still in there.”

Grand Traverse Culinary Oils is based in Traverse City and is a featured retailer at Click here to shop for their products. 


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