Call For Traverse City Humanitarians

Call for Traverse City humanitarians as nominees for the Sara Hardy Humanitarian Award!

The Traverse City Human Rights Commission is accepting nominations for its annual Sara Hardy Humanitarian Award. Sara Hardy was instrumental in establishing the Human Rights Commission more than 30 years ago. This award recognizes her contributions to the community by honoring an individual who exemplifies the ideals of the Commission. These ideals are to promote mutual understanding and respect among all people and to discourage discriminatory practices. Recent recipients of the Award include Jim Rowlett, Brian Simerson, Eugene Fox, Susan Odgers, Joe Lada, Helen Cook and Gladys Muñoz.

To nominate someone you believe represents these ideals, please submit a letter to include the nominee’s name, address, telephone number and humanitarian activities they are involved in along with the reasons why you are nominating this individual. The nominator should include their name and phone number in the letter as well.

The nomination deadline is Monday, February 3, 2014. Please send nominations to the Traverse City Human Rights Commission, 400 Boardman Avenue, Traverse City, Michigan 49684 or fax to the Human Rights Commission at 231-922-4476.

The recipient of the award will be honored at a reception on Monday, March 17, 2014, at the Governmental Center. The reception will precede the presentation of the award at the Traverse City Commission meeting that evening.


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Article Comments

  • PaulNepote

    The Sarah Hardy award along with the formation of the Traverse City Human Rights Commission began with good intentions, plus the Federal Government was giving grants to cities who were willing to form such a group. Unfortunately the commission was hijacked by homosexual activist, and local civil rights attorneys who used it to troll for clients. The plan was to use the HRC as a springboard to promote Traverse City as a wonderful destination for homosexual activity,and to use it’s influence to pass legislation that supposedly would give homosexuals special rights, and to infiltrate our local government. The first move to desensitize Traverse City residents was to design and display Gay Pride Flags in the form of bumper stickers which were designed by M’lynn Heartwell, a lesbian and the most active promoter of homosexuality in the reagion, and along with Margrett Dodd a gay activist herself hoodwinked the City Commission to foot the bill for producing the now infamous ” WE ARE TRAVERSE CITY” stickers, and ordered the community to display the Gay symbol on Police Cars, School Buses, and all other city owned vehicles. The rest is history, the vast majority of Sarah Hardy awards have been presented to Local Homosexuals, and gay political activists. Welcome to what has become, GAY TRAVERSE CITY ON THE BAY..