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It’s pretty easy to be enthusiastic about Michigan these days: the booming beer and wine industry, the line-up of recently organized festivals and the national recognition of the state’s impressive natural beauty are all threads that, when knitted together, create the Mitten State.  Yet, the downside to all these upsides is that it’s simply impossible to convey all of Michigan’s positives to those who’ve never been to the Great Lake State.  Right?

Fear not, my friends!  For the folks at Michigan Awesome are the experts at concisely communicating what makes Michigan amazing.  Their quip equipped tees, tanks and sweatshirts provide clever commentary that any resident or visitor of Michigan can appreciate; the slogans come hard, fast and funny.  “Smitten with the Mitten” proved to be Michigan Awesome’s most popular offering, while their “Handcrafted” graphic tee—featuring a stylized beer pint paired with an outlined depiction of Michigan—pays tribute to Michigan’s burgeoning beer culture and puns the state’s famously recognizable shape (‘Hand’-crafted…get it?).  Another Michigan Awesome tee establishes this watertight mathematical proof: “4 out of 5 Great Lakes Prefer Michigan.”

Michigan Awesome attributes much of their success to the sense of state pride that Michigan residents share: “We find that people who leave Michigan miss it, and the people who live here love it,” says Michigan Awesome’s Jonathan Koop.  Says Koop, “We are thrilled to be a little part of the positive vibe happening in Michigan.”  But love for Michigan extends far past its borders, as is illustrated by Michigan Awesome’s out-of-state sales: 4 out of 10 purchases are shipped to addresses outside of Michigan.  Clearly, Michigan-made pride has expanded beyond the fringes of the mitten.

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