Bon Vin Wine and Beer Dinner in Traverse City takes you on a culinary escape to France every month.

“Pack your bags, Honey. I’m taking you to France!”

Come along with Bistro Foufou & Bon Vin as they go on a monthly wine and food tour of France. Forget the red-eye flight across the Big Lake. Fly with the Traverse City crew! There is plenty of leg room.

2014 Tour de France Schedule:

Stage 1 Rhone Valley 1.08.2014

Stage 2 Burgundy 2.12.2014

Stage 3 Loire Valley 3.12.2014

Stage 4 Bordeaux 4.09.2014

Stage 5 Languedoc 5.14.2014

Five-course regionally-inspired wine dinners with Chef Guillaume from Bistro Foufou and wine buyer Ric Cerrini from Bon Vin.

$65 per person and includes tax and gratuity. Dinners begin at 6:30pm at Bistro Foufou in Traverse City.

Reserve your flight today (231) 421-6853