Shop Baabaazuzu: A Leland family’s fashion house brings Midwest Chic to the masses 

As Sue Burns puts it, the founding of her home-grown company Baabaazuzu began with “a bit of a laundry error”: after her husband accidentally shrunk several of Burns’ wool sweaters by throwing them in the dryer, Burns re-appropriated the shriveled garments by cutting them up and stitching together a set of matching hats and jackets for her daughters.  As her daughters unknowingly modeled Baabaazuzu’s first winter line, local demand for Burns’  clothing led to her entire family’s full immersion into the company.  After more than twenty years in business, Babazuuzuu is now featured in more than 900 stores nationwide.

From fingerless gloves to messenger bags, Baabaazuzu’s patchwork-inspired products are designed and handcrafted at their Leland headquarters.  The company is a chronic upcycler: second-hand wool is purchased from several sources—including Goodwill Industries of Northern Michigan—and then washed, cut and stitched into clothing.  And if you’re not yet convinced that Baabaazuzu’s practices are thrifty enough, get this: even the lint from the dryer traps is re-purposed.  Their method ensures that no two products ever come out quite the same; “We’re known for our combination of color, texture and pattern,” Burns says.

Baabaazuzu is based in Leland, and is a featured retailer at ShopMyNorth.

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Check out Baabaazuzu’s “Midwest Chic” style here!