Shopping in Glen Arbor, Michigan, is a charming experience that adds to any Northern Michigan vacation. Located in the center of the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore and wedged between Lake Michigan’s Sleeping Bear Bay and the Glen Lakes, this stunning natural backdrop is filled with one-of-a-kind  shopping experiences. Put on your comfy flip-flops, grab plenty of shopping bags and come along as we walk you through some of the shops and boutiques along M-22 (called Western Avenue in downtown Glen Arbor) and Lake Street.

Let’s start on the south end of South Lake Street at Cherry Republic, the flagship shop of the  world’s largest exclusive retailer of cherry creations. Cherries are a signature part of Northern Michigan’s agricultural and tourism economy. Browsing the selection of jams, preserves, candies, wine and logo wear has become a traditional part of a Glen Arbor vacation.

Glassware from Ruth Conklin in Glen Arbor in the Sun

Glassware from Ruth Conklin in Glen Arbor.

At the corner of South Lake and Western Avenue, you’ll come to Cottonseed Apparel. If you love dresses—and purses, skirts, sweaters, tops—this is your rabbit hole. You’ll find styles for both beach living and work in colors and fabrics galore.

Next to the Cottonseed is the Totem Shop—a Glen Arbor icon. The Totem Shop has been selling moccasins, sweatshirts, beach toys and other vacation essentials for as long as anyone can remember.

Tired? Cross Western Avenue and head down South Lake to the beach on Sleeping Bear Bay with its view of North and South Manitou Islands on the horizon. Before you get to the beach, stop at Sleeping Bear Market at the top of the street. Order up a Hawaiian Shave Ice and browse the jewelry at the Sleeping Bear Salvage Co., the Yarn Shop and the art of Lily LaFollette—all a part of the Sleeping Bear Market.

Once you’ve relaxed a bit, head back into Glen Arbor. Don’t miss these great shops and galleries:


Accessories & Apparel 


5919 Ray St., 231.334.3411

Up North apparel for the whole family.


Lake Affect

6445 Western Ave., 860.614.0442

Nautical apparel and cottage decor.



6298 W. Western Ave., 231.334.4425

Minimalist apparel inspired by the waves, wind, beaches and woods along M-22.


Petoskey Pete’s

5972 S. Lake St., 231.525.3505

Homemade t-shirt designs handprinted on top-quality casual wear.


Queen of Couture

5858 S. Manitou Blvd., 231.334.2021

An upscale seasonal women’s fashion boutique.


Antiques & Art Galleries

Glen Arbor Artisans

5964 S. Ray St., 231.334.3128

A wood shop, art studio and seasonal gallery inspired by the natural beauty of Northern Michigan.


Ruth Conklin Gallery

6632 Western Ave., 231.334.3880

For 25 years this gallery has been brining the natural beauty of the shores of Lake Michigan to life.


Synchronicity Gallery

6671 Western Ave., 231.334.4732

An eclectic mix of more than 90 Michigan artists.


Books & Crafts

Cottage Book Shop

5989 Lake St., 231.334.3443

The year-round shop offers a large selection of titles and story hours during the summer.


Plover Dunes

6640 W. Western Ave., 231.835.2067

A full service yarn shop offering knitting notions, patterns, private classes, yarn, custom-made furniture, antiques and collectables.


The Yarn Shop

5873 S Lake St., 231.334.3805

A large selection of yarn and hand-knitted apparel.



6127 S Glen Lake Rd., 231.334.3232

Pottery, lamps, dishes, wall art, pillows, silk flowers, jewelry, baby clothing and toys along with a selection of plants and flowers.


Food & Drink

Great Lakes Tea and Spice

6610 Western Ave., 231.334.6747

A world of tea and spices.


Leelanau Coffee Roasters

6443 W. Western Ave., 231.334.3365

A world of coffee varieties roasted right in downtown Glen Arbor. Stop in for a latte and load up on signature local blends.


Gifts & Home Decor


6365 S. Western Ave., 231.334.6008

A large selection of items for your home, personal beauty, baby and the beach.


Smooth Stone Studios

5783 S. Lake St., 314.341.9125

A gallery of handmade, repurposed, natural and sustainable products.



Crystal River Outfitters

6249 River Rd., 231.334.4420

Kayak, bike and paddleboard rentals along with wine tasting and other summer fun essentials.


The Sportsman Shop

5914 S Ray St., 231.334.3872

Outdoor apparel from top outfitters along with everything you need for your next fishing trip.


Specialty Shops

Bay Lavender Trading Co.

5777 Lake St., 231.642.0829

Homemade lavender soaps in a charming setting near the beach.



Photo(s) by Katy Joe