Entertaining ideas with Northern Michigan wine corks are a great way to set a holiday table with simple, rustic elegance.  Instead of tossing Northern Michigan wine corks in the trash, collect your favorite corks and dress up your table with handmade place card holders. And there’s no better place to find your favorite local bottle than on Old Mission Peninsula or in Leelanau County, Michigan.Northern Michigan Wine, Northern Michigan Wine Corks

But really, the best part of this DIY? In order to get the corks, it is absolutely required that you invite a few pals to help finish off some Northern Michigan wine. With perfect grape-growing climates, Northern Michigan winemakers produce some of the finest vino in the country. But aside from the wine itself, our Northern Michigan peninsulas are home to gorgeous rolling hilltop views of East and West Grand Traverse Bays. So come take a drive down our winding country roads and stumble upon a cobblestone cottage winery, or inch up a grand entrance to a castle-like chateau. Come. Take a tour, sip the season’s best and retreat home with your new favorite bottle. (…Or twenty bottles. Depends on how many place card holders you’re looking for, right?)

Here are 5 simple steps for crafting your Northern Michigan wine cork place card holders:

1. Save the corks from your Northern Michigan wine bottles. For a sleek and uniform look, save corks of the same bottle. For an added punch of quirk, mix and match with different sizes, colors and styles.

2. With a razor knife, carefully trim a thin strip lengthwise off each cork—so they will sit stable on a flat surface.

3. Now, opposite the flat strip, cut a slit about 1/8 inch deep.

4. Write guest names on card stock.

5. Insert the cards in the slit.

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