Learn the Northern Michigan Native American language of Ojibwe with a new free mobile app. Here are few phrases to get started:


So we know you probably aren’t going to become fluent in Ojibwe, but savvy Northern Michigan folks should be able to whip out a word or two of Native American at key moments. Migwetch! (Thank you!). Aanii! (Hello!). Or, possibly very important, Gi zah gin (I love you). All easy now thanks to a free mobile app by Ogoki Learning Systems.

Bonus info:

Ojibwe culture, famous Ojibwes, and treaties. Kenny Pheasant, who has taught Ojibwe in Northern Michigan for 25 years, sees deeper value. “There’s a lot of my people in Michigan who are just learning the language. Whenever I see something like this, and it’s going to cause people to get an interest to learn, I am all for it.” Pheasant grew up speaking the native language in a Canadian village on Manitoulin Island, but in Northern Michigan, he says, Ojibwe language is very scarce. “We’ll get that changed hopefully,” says Pheasant, whose own website also offers Ojibwe instructional CDs.

BTW: Giminadan gagiginonshiwan = “nice talking with you.”

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