Sexy, renegade, elegant, rogue—ski fashion has always added interest and intrigue to the downhill scene, both on-slope and off. We check in with Brian Kautz, director of Shanty Creek Resorts’ ski shop, to see where the look is veering for the 2014 Northern Michigan ski season.

Expanding on color proliferation in recent seasons, downhill fashion designers are going brighter yet. Lime green. Electric orange. Vivid reds. Not just solids, but big, bold blasts of color printed against duller backgrounds to make the color pop. Plaids also continue their run, tweaked this season with, yep, bright hues. And that slogan, “Put camo on anything and it gets better” … Well, downhill fashion designers are listening … printed in bright colors, of course.

Goose down is the natural insulator of choice and growing in popularity. (Tip: Treat your goose down right. Read the care labels and follow to a T.) Columbia’s sleek and shimmery liner called Omni Heat works like a space blanket to reflect your heat back and keep you warm. Look for it in everything: jackets, hats, gloves … With today’s engineered clothing, there’s no reason to be cold on the slopes, Kautz says.

Ski fashion designers continue to rediscover the female form. Tighter fits made possible by responsive materials have all but replaced the boarder bagginess of the aughts. The down sweater is example: slim and snug, it’s a toasty layer under a big jacket in the cold; an ample outer on warmer days; an easy, light jacket in the aprés-ski hours.

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