Northern Michigan’s Summer Power Zone

Buzz Kill: Trespassing Law!

When you boat at Power Island or gather anywhere in the Great Lakes, the bottomland is owned by the state and you have a right to be there and—key point—you can touch the bottom of the lake with your feet. But … if you are boating on an inland lake, know that land ownership extends to the middle of the lake. So, say, if somebody owns a 100-foot lakeshore lot, the lot boundaries extend to the middle of the lake. If you step on the lake bottom within those boundaries, you are technically trespassing, and you are allowed to remain there only at the discretion of the landowners. Keep all that in mind when gathering boats, especially at super-popular spots like the Torch Lake sandbar, where due respect should be shown to lakeshore landowners: keep the music down, figure a way to not pee in the lake, don’t litter.

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