Gear of Goodness

1. Banana Boat Sunblocker SPF 30

Kirstin: I use it all the time and apply a few times a day.

2. Tervis Drinking Glasses

Mike: Durable insulated plastic, so you have no broken glass in the boat or on the lake bottom. Find them at Nifty Things shops (Elk Rapids, Alden, Traverse City, web).

3. Body Glove Water Shoes

Kirstin: This line has nice range of style and prices. Water shoes are a must. There are lots of mussel shells and rocks on the lake bottom. Avoid sandals because they suction to the bottom.

4. Magma Marine Kettle Gas Grill

Mike: they work great and mount in the pole holder, so it’s easy on, easy off, and the propane fuel is there when you want it.

5. Black O’Brien Life Vest

Mike: The black soaks up heat, so it makes things a little warmer for tubers on cool days. Also, the O’Brien model adjusts well to fit small people and big people.