Traverse City Events: 2013 Traverse City Film Festival Line Up


The East 

2012 | USA | PG-13 | 116 min.

Captivating from the onset, this high-stakes espionage thriller follows Sarah Moss (Brit Marling), a brilliant young ex-FBI agent who is hired by an elite private intelligence firm to infiltrate The East, a mysterious and elusive collective of radical anarchists with an eye-for-an-eye approach to taking down corporate criminal scum. But after Sarah succeeds in working her way into their inner circle, she finds herself torn between her responsibility to her employers and the lure of The East’s dangerous brand of justice and its charismatic leadership. Director Zal Batmanglij once again proves himself to be a master of twists in this zeitgeist catching hit, featuring Ellen Page, Alexander Skarsgård and Patricia Clarkson.

Thu 9:15 pm State Theatre | Fri 6 pm Bijou by the Bay


2012 | USA | R | 104 min.

Aaron Eckhart stars as an ex-CIA agent on the lam in this taut international espionage thriller that’s equal parts “Taken” and “The Bourne Ultimatum.” After leaving his government post in the US, Ben Logan (Eckhart) moves to Belgium with his teenage daughter Amy (Liana Liberato, “Trust”) to take a job with a high-level security firm. Just a few weeks into his new gig, his office is mysteriously shut down. Smelling foul play, Ben and Amy are forced to flee for their lives as the two must learn to trust each other in order to survive. With a deftly written script full of twists that take Ben and Amy on the lam across Europe, this intelligent action film is one of the year’s best.

Wed 9 pm Milliken Auditorium | Sun 9 pm Bijou by the Bay

The Girl on the Train 

2013 | USA | NR | 80 min.

When documentary filmmaker Danny Hart boards a train at Grand Central Station, he has no reason to expect anything more than a pleasant ride to upstate New York to interview the subjects for his latest project. But a chance encounter with a mysterious young woman leads him on a journey of a very different sort. Within the blink of an eye, his life of complacency is left behind for a world in which the line between fiction and fantasy is blurred – a world of intrigue, danger and the possibility of blood. Produced by Leland residents Rebecca Reynolds and Jim Carpenter and directed by TCFF regular Larry Brand, this neo-noir mystery stars Henry Ian Cusick, Nicki Aycox and Stephen Lang. In Person: Director Brand; Producers Reynolds and Carpenter.

Wed 9 am Old Town Playhouse

Killing Them Softly

2012 | USA | R | 97 min.

A mid-level gangster hires two bumbling ex-cons to knock over a card game run by hustler Markie Trattman (Ray Liotta), but when mob higher-ups catch wind of the heist, they know they need to protect their investments. Enter cool-headed Jackie Cogan (Brad Pitt), a professional hit man hired to restore order in the criminal underworld. Directed by Andrew Dominik (“The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford”), this stylish, hard-boiled modern noir favors richly developed characters over action sequences and features a top-notch A-list cast, including Richard Jenkins and the late James Gandolfini in one of his last film roles.

Fri 9 pm Bijou by the Bay


2013 | USA | R | 93 min.

In 1972, "Deep Throat" took the world by storm as the first porn feature to make it big in the mainstream—produced for under $50,000, the film went on to earn hundreds of millions internationally. The unlikely star behind it all was Linda Lovelace, an unknown actress who fled her strict religious family into the arms of lowly hustler Chuck Traynor, the man responsible for launching Lovelace into the limelight for a brief and fraught stint as the world’s first porn star. Starring Amanda Seyfried and Peter Sarsgaard, the film charts Lovelace’s public successes and private hardships through her transformation from girl-next-door porn star to feminist advocate. In Person: director Rob Epstein.

Thu 9 pm Lars Hockstad Auditorium

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