Traverse City Events: 2013 Traverse City Film Festival Line Up

Kids Fest

Victor and the Secret of Crocodile Mansion 

2012 | Germany | PG | 91 min.

When 11-year-old Victor and his family move into his great-uncle Gustav’s mansion, little could have prepared him for the world of mystery that awaited. Inside the cavernous house there are spooky stuffed crocodiles, African masks, and a dark secret waiting to be uncovered: 40 years ago, a long-lost relative died under mysterious circumstances at the age of 11. With his detective instincts kindled, Victor sets out on a mission to discover the mansion’s secrets which leads him to a world of secret passageways, one-way mirrors, and maybe even a long-lost treasure. A spine-tingling mystery, “Victor and the Secret of Crocodile Mansion” is a Hitchcockian thriller for young adults.

Recommended Ages: 8-11

Wed 9:30am Lars Hockstad Auditorium

Moon Man

2012 | France, Germany, Ireland | NR | 95 min.

This charming animated film tells the story of Moon Man, a lonely being in outer space who has no idea how much he is loved by children everywhere. One night, he decides to leave his boring homeland by grabbing onto the tail of a shooting star as it passes by. The comet sends him hurtling towards Earth, where his crash landing sets alarm bells ringing in the presidential headquarters. The President of the World, having just conquered everything there is to conquer on his planet, won’t tolerate this alien invasion from the moon. It’s up to an eccentric inventor and the children of the world to save our intrepid voyager from the clutches of the power-hungry president. Based on the beloved bestseller by Tomi Ungerer, this lovely hand-drawn animation is a magical illustrated marvel. In English.

Recommended Ages: 6-9

Fri 9:30am Lars Hockstad Auditorium

The Painting (Le Tableau) 

2012 | France | 78 min.

A film for anyone who likes to let their imagination run wild, this delightful and inventive animated film tells the story of three types of creatures who live in the medieval world of a painting: the fully colored Alldunns, the mostly-finished Halfies, and the Sketchies, left incomplete by their creator. Between these figures, a class system has emerged, with the Alldunns reigning as superior beings above all others. Three heroes from the different castes unite on a quest to find The Painter, who is the only one who can restore harmony to their world. Full of colorful wit and visual humor, this film is sure to inspire the artist in everyone. Dubbed in English.

Recommended Ages: 8-11

Sat 9:30 am Lars Hockstad Auditorium

Shorts for Kids 

A perennial favorite, our collection of 11 shorts for our youngest film lovers is sure to amaze and delight. “Peck Pocketed” follows a bird who devises a plan to get the luxury apartment of his dreams; a group of woodland animals learn capitalism and devise a plan to kick out the city folk from their territory in “Hedgehogs and the City;” and in “Mud Crab,” a little boy catches his first crab with his dad – but how will he get it out of its cage without getting pinched? These shorts and the rest of the collection are appropriate for all ages. In English.

Cicada Princess USA | 2012 | 7 min.

Dia de los Muertos USA | 2013 | 3 min.

Fear of Flying Ireland | 2013 | 10 min.

Hedgehogs and the City Latvia | 2013 | 10 min.

Josephine and the Roach USA | 2012 | 15 min.

The Little Bird and the Leaf Switzerland | 2012 | 4 min.

Mud Crab Australia | 2012 | 5 min.

Peck Pocketed USA | 2013 | 2 min.

Snap UK, Belgium | 2012 | 7 min.

Starfly UK | 2012 | 4 min.

The Window Switzerland | 2012 | 5 min.

Thu 9:30 am Lars Hockstad Auditorium

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