Traverse City Events: 2013 Traverse City Film Festival Line Up


Short Narratives 

Featuring a mix of live-action and animation, these eight festival favorite fiction shorts from around the globe skew towards the absurd and the hilarious.  In "Setup, Punch." Elijah Wood stars as a standup comic putting on the most daring act of his life alongside Alia Shawkat, and "RPG OKC" finds two 8-bit video game characters entering the weird world of online dating.  Willy returns to his natrualist roots and goes on a epic pantsless journey of self-discovery in "Oh WIlly…" and there's nothing like a dip in "The River" on a hot summer day.

The Arm Reach 2012 | South Korea | 15 min.

Dotty 2012 | New Zealand | 11 min.

Oh Willy 2012 | Belgium | 18 min.

Peach Juice 2012 | Canada | 8 min.

The River 2013 | USA | 12 min.

RPG OKC 2013 | USA | 10 min.

Setup, Punch. 2013 | USA | 19 min.

Talking Dog for Sale, 10 Euros 2012 | France | 8 min.

Sat 12 noon City Opera House 

Short Documentaries 1 

These four short documentaries find intersecting themes between art, history, and politics.  "A Story for the Modlins" uncovers the secret life of a background actor in "Rosemary's Baby" through discarded family photos and letters; "Vladimir Putin in Deep Concentration" peels back the Russian leader's manufactured mythology; "You Can't Always Get What You Want" uses recently declassified WHite House audiotapes to create a fascinating portrait of President Johnson at work;and "Who Shot Rock & Roll" is a jaw-dropping history of music through the photographers who captured it over the last 40 years.

A Story for the Modlins Spain | 2012 | 26 min.

Vladimir Putin in Deep Concentration USA | 2013 | 10 min.

Who Shot Rock & Roll: The Film USA | 2012 | 37 min.

You Can't Always Get What You Want UK | 2013 | 8 min.

Wed 3 pm Milliken Auditorium

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