Traverse City Events: 2013 Traverse City Film Festival Line Up

Experimental Film at Dutmers Theater

Suitcase of Love and Shame

2013 | USA | NR | 70 min.

Imagine you purchase a cool-looking 1960s era suitcase on eBay. It arrives, you open it up, and inside are 60 hours of reel-to-reel audiotape. Finding the right player to listen, you are plunged into the tender, erotic, suspenseful and discomforting story of a Midwestern woman and her married lover, who used the new portable recording technology of the time to communicate, rather than expensive and risky phone calls. Fortunately for us, this happened to a filmmaker, and now we are all privy to her visionary reconstruction of this cautionary tale. Two guesses as to whether or not it has a happy ending. As mesmerizing and voyeuristic as cinema gets, this intimate documentary tells an absorbing story of forbidden love set during the American sexual revolution.

Thu 6 pm Dutmers Theater | Sat 6 pm Dutmers Theater | Sun 6 pm Dutmres Theater

Your Day is My Night 

2013 | USA | NR | 64 min.

Not many of us living in Northern Michigan can imagine sharing our beds for half of the day with roommates who work different hours than we do. But immigrants living in New York City’s Chinatown do this regularly, saving money by living with others in shift-bed apartments. In this hybrid documentary, director Lynne Sachs uses autobiographical accounts and improvised performances to recreate the realities of life in shift-bed apartments so we can experience the world through these immigrants’ eyes, and hear their stories about personal and political upheaval. Visit the kitchens, bedrooms, wedding halls, cafes and mahjong parlors of Chinatown in this eye opening film about the creative ways people find to get by. In person: Director Lynne Sachs.

Fri 12 noon Dutmers Theater | Sat 9 am Bijou by the Bay | Sun 3 pm Dutmers Theater 

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