Traverse City Events: 2013 Traverse City Film Festival Line Up

The Trials of Muhammad Ali 

2013 | USA | NR | 92 min.

In the 1960s, as the Civil Rights movement was gaining momentum, a young boxer named Cassius Clay powered his way onto the sports page. After aligning himself with the Nation of Islam and changing his name to Muhammad Ali, his status changed from boxing superstar to American legend. Along with his conversion to Islam came a choice to refuse to serve in the Vietnam War, a decision that would touch off a hard-fought legal battle with the US government. More than a boxing film, this rousing documentary confronts issues of race, faith, politics and identity at a time when Americans faced jail time for standing up for their beliefs. In Person: Director Bill Siegel.

Fri 3 pm City Opera House | Sat 3 pm Old Town Playhouse

Terms and Conditions May Apply

2013 | USA | NR | 79 min.

If you’ve ever used a service online or on your phone – be it Google, Facebook, iTunes or any of a number of increasingly ubiquitous digital products – chances are you’ve blindly agreed to pages and pages of legalese referred to as “terms and conditions.” Director Cullen Hoback peels back the jargon to reveal what exactly we’ve all been agreeing to and how much of our privacy is at stake. Hoback’s investigation takes a trip down the rabbit hole to uncover the vast amounts of personal data for sale to the highest bidder and show the real-life implications of government policies that have increased the surveillance on all of our online interactions.. All the more relevant in light of recent revelations about the NSA’s data mining operations, this informative and alarming documentary is the perfect primer for anyone concerned with their privacy in the internet age.

Wed 3 pm City Opera House | Fri 9 am Old Town Playhouse

TWA Flight 800 

2013 | USA | PG-13 | 86 min.

On July 17, 1996, commercial airliner TWA Flight 800 departed from JFK Airport heading for Paris when it burst into flames just minutes after takeoff, claiming the lives of all 230 people on board. Years of speculation have followed as the cause of the tragic crash has remained shrouded in mystery – despite an official investigation from the National Transportation Safety Board declaring the crash was probably caused by an accidental fuel tank explosion. This investigative documentary delves into the mystery and presents compelling new evidence by interviewing witnesses to the tragedy, as six whistleblowers come forward with startling revelations suggesting a cover-up at the highest level. In Person: Director Kristina Borjesson.

Fri 12 noon Old Town Playhouse

War on Whistleblowers

2013 | USA | NR | 53 min.

During President Obama’s time in office, the Department of Justice has indicted more people for violating secrecy under the Espionage Act than all previous administrations combined. In a time when people like Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning have become household names as much for their persecution by the government as for their fight against wrongdoing, what safeguards are left against corruption? This timely doc takes a look at the consequences faced by four whistleblowers whose lives were forever changed after they exposed government misconduct, as well as interviewing many top journalists who covered the leaks, including the New York Times’ David Carr and the New Yorker’s Jane Mayer.

Wed 6 pm Bijou by the Bay

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