Traverse City Events: 2013 Traverse City Film Festival Line Up

Mark Cousins Secret Screening 


Documentarian, film historian, cinema aficionado and all-around nice guy Mark Cousins (director of the TCFF ‘12 Kubrick Prize winner “The Story of Film”) is back at the festival this year with both his heartwarming documentary, “The First Movie,” and with this top secret screening. We have sworn to keep its contents under wraps, but we can tell you that it is a masterful, poetic film that will be loved by everyone with a passion for global cinema. In Person: Director Mark Cousins.

Thu 6 pm Bijou by the Bay

Mistaken For Strangers

2013 | USA | NR | 80 min.

A film about making a film; a documentary about the complex dynamics of sibling relationships; a behind the scenes look at the indie rock band The National: “Mistaken for Strangers” is all of these things, but most of all, it’s a hilarious, compulsively watchable and ultimately triumphant story about you, me and everyone in the form of the Tom Berninger, the younger brother of The National’s famous frontman, Matt. In person: Director Tom Berninger, producer Carin Besser, producer Craig Charland.

Thu 6 pm State Theatre | Sat 6 pm Lars Hockstad Auditorium

Pandora's Promise

2013 | USA | NR | 87 min.

In this provocative film, Oscar-nominated director Robert Stone makes a compelling argument in favor of nuclear energy as a solution to the current climate crisis, and a possible means to lift billions of people in developing nations out of poverty. Stone approaches his investigation into nuclear power from the perspective of an environmentalist, launching a persuasive argument for nuclear as a carbon-neutral alternative energy with the help of some of the world’s top energy gurus. Whatever your current stance on the energy debate, this film is sure to challenge your assumptions. In Person: Director Robert Stone (Sat).

Thu 12 noon Bijou by the Bay | Sat 6 pm City Opera House

The Pervert's Guide to Ideology 

2012 | UK | NR | 136 min.

This year’s doc for the thinking person finds filmmaker Sophie Fiennes matched with renowned philosopher and cinema connoisseur Slavoj Žižek for an exhilarating and off-beat crash-course in the philosophy of film and the ideological implications hidden within. Žižek’s filmic analysis breathes new life into scenes from classic films (among them “The Sound of Music,” “Brazil,” “Full Metal Jacket” and “Jaws”), as Fiennes recreates sets and shooting locations from these movies to liven up Žižek’s hilarious and insightful thoughts on capitalism and our modern world.

Wed 9 am Bijou by the Bay | Fri 9 am Milliken Auditorium

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