Traverse City Events: 2013 Traverse City Film Festival Line Up

Documentary Secret Screening 


This year, you have the chance to see a truly special documentary before anyone else in America gets to see it. This documentary is a riveting murder mystery/detective story about a chilling case of corruption that took a nation by storm – a gripping stranger-than-fiction crime drama that is not to be missed.

Fri 3 pm Bijou by the Bay

The Expedition to the End of the World

2013 | Denmark | NR | 90 min.

In this gorgeously filmed travelogue, a motley group of seafaring scientists, artists and philosophers set sail in a three-masted schooner for one of the most remote corners of the globe: the fjords of northeastern Greenland, which have only recently become accessible thanks to global warming. On this exploratory mission to a land untouched by modern man, the sailors are confronted by polar bears and melting glaciers, but at the heart of their journey lies less tangible ponderings about man’s origins and our place in nature. The film is a rollicking, anarchical adventure full of hijinks and high science on the high seas.

Fri 3 pm Bijou by the Bay

Far From Afghanistan 

2012 | USA | NR | 129 min.

TCFF regular John Gianvito returns with his latest documentary, a collaborative work that takes a big-picture look at the decade-long US war in Afghanistan. Gianvito uses a mosaic of poetic approaches to weave together his material with compelling on-the-ground footage shot by Afghan filmmakers, presenting both an incisive examination of the nature of war imagery and a forum to generate awareness and discussion about how US foreign policy affects people around the globe. In Person: Director John Gianvito.

Wed 3 pm Dutmers Theatre | Sap 3 pm Milliken Auditorium

The First Movie

2009 | UK | NR | 76 min.

In a remote Kurdish village in Iraq that had been devastated by Saddam Hussein’s regime, filmmaker Mark Cousins (“The Story of Film,” TCFF ‘12) set up an impromptu cinema to screen classics for villagers who had never experienced the magic of film. Taking his experiment one step further, he gave cameras to the children and let them film. The images that came back weren't those of war and suffering, but rather movies filled with children's fantasies and boundless sense of wonder. This inventive magic realist documentary shows the power of cinema to inspire and is a testament to the imaginations and resiliency of children.

Fri 3 pm Milliken Auditorium | Sun 9 am Old Town Playhouse

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