Traverse City Events: 2013 Traverse City Film Festival Line Up


2012 | Saudi Arabia | PG | 97 min.

The first feature film ever shot entirely in Saudi Arabia and the first by a female Saudi filmmaker, this sparkling movie tells the story of a free-spirited 10-year-old girl named Wadjda, who lives in the suburbs of Riyadh. She has her heart set on buying a beautiful green bicycle so she can race her friend Abdullah, but her mother won’t allow it, fearing repercussions from a society that says women can’t ride bicycles. In an effort to raise the money herself, Wadjda enters a Koran recitation competition at her school, where she must pose as a pious model student to achieve her goal. This groundbreaking film offers a fascinating window into a closed society and a story of hope and progress.

Thu 9 pm Milliken Theatre | Sat 9 pm City Opera House


2012 | France | NR | 115 min.

Humble, middle-aged bachelor Martin Kazinski is nothing if not ordinary—he's the personification of the everyman. That all changes one morning on his commute to work, when he suddenly and inexplicably finds himself being mobbed on the subway by throngs of adoring fans. The more he tries to escape his stardom, or even find the reason behind his sudden celebrity, the more famous he becomes, and the more the media tries to profit from his situation. He finds a sympathetic ear in ambitious television producer Fleur Arnaud, who knows just what to do with Martin's newfound success. This delightful high-concept French satire offers a hilariously spot-on parable of our celebrity culture, where people are famous just for being famous.

Wed 6 pm State Theatre | Thu 12 noon Lars Hockstad Auditorium 

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?

2013 | Taiwan | NR | 100 min.

Who doesn’t love a great rom-com? We certainly do, and this delightfully charming film from Taiwan also includes the best karaoke scene we’ve ever seen in any film, ever. Feng and Weichung are married with a child, and stuck in a rut. Feng thinks another child will give her life purpose, but Weichung’s mind is elsewhere: mainly on an old friend Stephen, who offers a tempting entrée back into his old gay lifestyle. Meanwhile, Weichung’s sister dumps her fiancé and holes herself up in her apartment, watching TV and eating Ramen noodles. Infused with flights of fancy that represent the daydreams we all share, it’s impossible not to root for the happiness of all of the characters in this upbeat, light and fun movie about meeting love where you find it. In person: Director Arvin Chen.

Fri 9 pm Lars Hockstad Auditorium | Sat 3 pm State Theatre

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