Traverse City Events: 2013 Traverse City Film Festival Line Up

Seven Psychopaths

2012 | UK | R | 110 min.

In this dark and absurdly funny comedy from director Martin McDonagh ("In Bruges"), Colin Farrell stars as Marty, an Irish screenwriter toiling away in Los Angeles with a drinking problem and an epic case of writer's block. He's got a title for his serial killer script, "Seven Psychopaths," but can't commit a word to the page. His free-wheeling actor buddy Billy (Sam Rockwell) and his dognapping cohort Hans (Christopher Walken) inadvertently provide a source of inspiration for Marty's script after running afoul of a dog-loving gangster (Woody Harrelson), who lets loose the unhinged criminal underworld of L.A. to track down the thieves. It looks like Marty will get all the fodder he needs for a good crime story, so long as he survives long enough to get the story on paper…

Wed 9 pm City Opera House


2011 | Canada | R | 109 min.

In this charming French Canadian comedy, middle-aged deliveryman David Wozniak is shocked to learn that he unwittingly fathered over five hundred offspring thanks to a mix-up at the sperm bank that he frequented in the late 80s under the codename "Starbuck." Now, a group of 142 of his progeny have banded together to find their biological father by suing the fertility clinic to reveal David's identity. Equally panicked by the prospect of suddenly being the father of enough children to start a small village, and also curious about what his now twenty-something offspring are like, David finds a way to act as an anonymous guardian angel and learns what it means to be a father in the process.

Fri 12 noon Lars Hockstad Auditorium | Sun 9 pm City Opera House


2012 | Netherlands | NR | 118 min.

Set in Amsterdam in 1942, this gripping WWII-era drama follows the true story of Walter Süskind, a Jewish industrialist who saved thousands of Dutch children from being deported and sent to concentration camps. After escaping Germany, Süskind considers himself lucky to have found a job with the Jewish Council that offers protection from deportation – even though it means collaborating with German soldiers. But after discovering what terrible fate awaits those being sent away to Germany, he develops a cunning plan to double-cross German officers and save countless children from certain death.

Thu 12 noon Milliken Theatre | Sat 9 pm Bijou by the Bay

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