Traverse City Events: 2013 Traverse City Film Festival Line Up

The Last Days (Los Últimos Días)

A mysterious pandemic has spread across the planet, causing the world's population to be stricken with a strange affliction that causes instant death as soon as anyone steps outside. Young computer programmer Marc was in his office in Barcelona when the epidemic struck; three months later, he and his colleagues are still trapped in the building, and supplies are running low. With nothing left to lose, he sets off on a mission to find his girlfriend on the other side of town, but to get there, he must navigate the lawless catacombs that have developed in the subway. Superb special effects transform Barcelona into a dystopian wasteland in this action-filled post-apocalyptic thriller.

Wed 9 pm Lars Hockstad | Sat 6 pm Old Town Playhouse


2012 | Chile | R | 110 min.

It’s 1988 in Chile, and after 15 years of dictatorship, Augusto Pinochet knows he has to allow a vote or face revolt. He decides to allow the people to vote Yes or No on a referendum to keep himself in power, planning that it would be a meaningless election. But the opposition party seizes the rare opportunity and decides to run a 15-minute anti-Pinochet ad on public TV. Led by a commercial-savvy adman (Gael García Bernal), they devise an unorthodox campaign to sell the Chilean people on freedom and democracy. This smart and sly look at the marriage of politics and advertising was nominated for Best Foreign Film at the Academy Awards.

Wed 12 noon City Opera House | Sun 9 pm Milliken Auditorium

A Royal Affair (En Kongelig Affaere) 

2012 | Denmark | R | 137 min.

This Oscar-nominated costume drama tells the lavish true story of the forbidden romance that changed a nation. With the Age of Enlightenment just dawning in Denmark in the 18th century, the country is under the rule of a mad king and his new teenage bride from the British Isles. The young queen falls passionately for German philosopher and physician Johann Struensee, who was called to the king's court to see to his mental illnesses. The queen and the doctor share a passionate romance and a bond over their commonly held progressive ideals, as they defy the throne to push Denmark into modernity and change the country for the better.

Fri 9 am State Theatre | Sun 3 pm Lars Hockstad Auditorium

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