The setting is perfect for a long romantic lunch at a Traverse City restaurant—wonderful food and unique interiors all packaged in a gorgeous setting on Grand Traverse Bay. For advice on crafting a delicious, romantic lunch, we sought out Andrew Hoadley, Red Hot Best winning waiter and server at one of the North’s most alluring outdoor dining spots, Amical, in Traverse City.

Frame of mind:

Essential to head into the event knowing you’re going to take your time.


Seek a deck or patio that’s good for conversation. No surprise, Hoadley suggests the Amical patio.


Order a bottle. He likes to suggest a favorite sparkling from L. Mawby: Sex. It’s frothy, tastes good and is light on the tongue, he assures us.


You want to draw out the experience, so for sure start with an appetizer. To avoid the “big lunch food coma” effect, split an entrée. “It’s good to share,” Hoadley reminds.


Certainment. Crème brûlée or Hoadley’s favorite, the chocolate raspberry tart. “Chocolate makes a romantic ending.”


Definitely, especially in summer. That way too, you can get a specific table. And since you’ll want a good hour and a half, Hoadley suggests either a very early lunch or pretty late to avoid the summer crunch.

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Photo(s) by Todd Zawistowski