Northern Michigan Events: The Traverse City Film Festival isn't just for grown-ups. Bring the little ones to Lars Hockstad for $1 kids movies throughout the week! From entertaining animated shorts to the suspenseful mystery of Victor and the Secret of Crocodile Mansion, Kids Fest caters to children of all ages. Directly following the morning showing, head out to the lawn from 11am to 2pm for games, arts and crafts, sports, and more! 

Victor and the Secret of Crocodile Mansion

2012|Germany|PG|91 min.

Wednesday 9:30am at Lars Hockstad 

Follow 11-year old Victor as he explores his family's new home, his great-uncle's eerie mansion. When he discovers that a long-lost relative curiously died, at his own young age of eleven, he sets out to uncover the mystery and the secrets of the old mansion, discovering even more cryptic clues as he goes.

Recommended ages: 8-11

Shorts for Kids

73 min.

Thursday 9:30 am at Lars Hockstad

From one charming tale to the next, these eleven short films will undoubtedly keep the little ones entertained. 

Recommended ages: 4-7

Moon Man

2012|France, Germany|Not Rated|95 min.

Friday 9:30am at Lars Hockstad

Based on a bestselling children's book, Moon Man, has a compelling story-line and cute hand-drawn animation. The much-too-lonely Moon Man takes a ride (on, what else, the tail of a shooting star) and accidentally comes crashing into the Earth, to the dismay of the domineering President of the World. A quirky inventor and the children of the world must team up to save poor Moon Man from the wrath of the Earth's mean-spirited dictator.

Recommended ages: 6-9

The Painting

2012|France, Japan|Not Rated|78 min.

Saturday 9:30am at Lars Hockstad

The Painting is wildy imaginative. Its setting? The medieval world of a painting. Cast? The completely finished Alldunns, the somewhat finished Halfies, and the unfinished and forgotten Sketchies. The Alldunns are highest up on the well-defined class ladder, but now three heroes from each caste unite to find The Painter, the only one who can finally bring peace to their world.

Recommended ages: 8-11

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