Michelle White, founder of Michelle’s Miracle, presents her “Very Cherry Demos” during Traverse City’s 2013 National Cherry Festival this week. She’ll showcase some of her favorite cherry-inspired meals on July 1, 3 and 5.

White founded Michelle’s Miracle, a tart cherry dietary supplement company, in 2001. The Leland-based company sells five tart cherry concentrate products to 2,000 retail outlets across the country. Here, White offers the perfect smoothie recipe to cool off during Traverse City’s 2013 National Cherry Festival and talks about her blossoming business.

Michelle’s Red and Green Power Smoothie

Serves two

2 oz. Michelle’s Miracle Tart Cherry Concentrate Original, Joint, or Sleep Formula

12 oz. water

½ Banana

1 Apple, quartered

½ cup Strawberries or Raspberries or Pineapple

Handful of Baby Spinach

Handful of Kale

¼ Avocado

1 Tbs. Chopped Ginger

Blend and enjoy!

Could you explain the health benefits of tart cherry concentrate?

All of the research in the last 10 years has been focused on tart cherries, and that would be Montmorency or Balaton cherries. The main health benefit is inflammation reduction and sleep aid because of the melatonin. It’s a total win-win because the inflammation is reduced, the pain is reduced, and then you can sleep. When you can sleep, your body can repair itself.

When did your business really start to take off?

Ironically, in 2008 we really thought that we had something much bigger than I had originally envisioned, and we started to raise money, which was probably the most inept time to raise money in history. But we did it and we were able to start to really grow, just like the tenacity of cherries, hanging in there and finally getting the applause that they deserve. That’s kind of how I feel about what we’ve been trying to do. Cherries have inspired me, I guess. I think that they are the heart of Michigan.

Any advice for making your power smoothie?

Whatever you have, just throw it in there. It’s so simple because cherries don’t overpower anything so much. For the most part, they will just enhance flavors.

What’s next for Michelle’s Miracle?

Look out for new products coming in the fall. It’s a secret! You’ll have to wait.

—By Catie L’Heureux