These page-turning reads, recommended by the staff of Brilliant Books in Traverse City, are perfect for a day on the beach in Northern Michigan. 

Bootstrapper by Mardi Jo Link: A wonderful memoir that follows the recently divorced Link as she figures out how she’s going to keep her farm running, raise her three sons, and put food on the table. It really will have you cheering and crying. 

Dead Dancing Women by Elizabeth Buzzelli: Emily Kincaid has moved to a cozy cabin in the woods of Northern Michigan and is settling into a quiet life when one morning a severed head falls from her garbage can. Part of a series of Michigan mysteries by a local favorite.

The Living Great Lakes by Jerry Dennis: Essential Up North reading from Northern Michigan’s premier nature essayist. Jerry’s personal and natural history of the Great Lakes takes you there and keeps you there. 

The Nick Adams Stories by Ernest Hemingway: Hemingway’s love letter to boyhood summers spent in Northern Michigan. A must-read for Michiganders and nature-lovers alike.