Northern Michigan Shopping: This past April, Jody Dotson and DC Hayden purchased Grocer’s Daughter Chocolate from its founder Mimi Wheeler. The brand originated in 2004 and was inspired by Wheeler’s passion for high quality ingredients and whole foods. Dotson and Hayden are excited for the opportunity to carry on Wheeler’s tradition of making exceptional chocolates using only the best ingredients. “Our brand will always be led by our passion for naturally and locally grown Northern Michigan foods infused into the highest quality fairly traded chocolate,” Dotson said. 

All of their chocolates are handcrafted from high cacao content chocolate that is imported from small-scale South American farms in the small town of Empire, Michigan. Grocer’s Daughter sources products to create their chocolates locally whenever possible and uses ingredients from over 20 farms and other food businesses in Northern Michigan.

Dotson said that Grocer’s Daughter is totally inspired by the local area. “Our little business is 100% inspired by the natural beauty of our home and all the local farmers and food entrepreneurs who work so hard to bring us some of the best food in the entire nation,” she said. “The integrity of our people, the raw beauty of our natural environment and the local appreciation of artisanship in Northern Michigan is second to none and we aim to reflect this in the making of our chocolates.” 

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