Northern Michigan News: The Leelanau Peninsula, and especially Leland's Fishtown are featured in the July/August issue of Martha Stewart Living.  The magazine reports that small towns resting on Lake Michigan are exceptionally known as part of the Midwesterner's summer getaway.  (Of course we've been reporting that for more than 30 years!) Martha Stewart Living shares the penisula's attributes including country inns, cottages, sandy beaches and drives through Leelanau County's farmland with local, "farmer's markets or unattended, 'honor farm stands' selling local cherries, berries, apples or tomatoes," and highlighting Northern Michigan's well-known farming community.

Leland local, Nels Carlson, owner of Carlson's Fishery is also showcased for his tranditional fishery claiming, "It's why people come back."  The fishery, which was established in 1904, is one the many Northern Michigan businesses that are spotlighted.  It's great to see that Martha Stewart Living was able to get a taste of some of Northern Michgan's finest.  To read more about the qualities that make Leland and the Leelanau Pensinsula a must-visit, visit Leland's Michigan Chamber of Commerce.

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