Traverse City Buzz: The TC Pub Pedaler announces its new name – the TC Cycle Pub! Joining a fleet of 14-passenger bike bars headquartered in Bend, Oregon, the TC Cycle Pub in Traverse City accompanies similar operations under the same Cycle Pub name in Boise, Las Vegas and Bend, Oregon.

While maintaining the current Traverse City ownership and management, the TC Cycle Pub will launch a new and improved site and booking platform found at, but also through a link on the main brand page,

Kevin Farron, co-owner of the TC Cycle Pub, is excited for the new name. “The Cycle Pub brand is really strong and carries national recognition along with an enormous web presence,” says Kevin. “Driving the original Cycle Pub for more than a year, I couldn’t be happier to share this brand name here in Traverse City.” Kevin also jokes that the name change was prompted by all the misspellings of ‘Pedaler’ he’s seen. “We knew the name could be an issue from the beginning. Hopefully TC Cycle Pub is easier to remember, spell and thus find online.”

The owner of the Cycle Pub trademark, James Watts, says that, “The Cycle Pub brand is thrilled to announce the addition of Traverse City, Michigan to the family. Michigan is another state that celebrates its outstanding craft beer scene, and Traverse City is a terrific outdoor mecca for vacationers and lovers of the great outdoors…a perfect match.”

Unveiled in March 2013, the TC Cycle Pub has successfully launched several tours through the streets of downtown Traverse City. Beginning and ending at the Filling Station in Traverse City, the two-hour pedal tours are being booked now at for the entire 2013 season.

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