Northern Michigan Recipes: Sorrel may not be as well-known as other mainstream herbs like basil, parsley, or mint, but Kristin Celeste shows that the slightly fruity flavored leaf can elevate commonplace steak dishes to new heights.  If you are looking to incorporate more fresh herbs into your cooking this summer, pick up some sorrel and jot down these recipes from The Intentional Minimalist!

Sorrel Verjus Sauce

With a little bit of tang on the tongue and a brilliant green color, Kristin's Sorrel Verjus Sauce tastes, and looks, delicious topped upon a steak.  Use it as a foundation in other recipes, such as a savory marinade or light salad dressing.

Sorrel Arugula Salad

Just one type of green for your salad? No way!  Take advantage of an array of greens, like cabbage, arugula, and arugula micro greens, that will be soon be overflowing local farm stands.

Sorrel Steak and Marinade

Use the aforementioned Sorrel Verjus Sauce and Sorrel Arugula Salad to advance the traditional grilled steak.  The tantalizing combination of a juicy steak, small stack of grilled zuchinni, and crisp greens allows for rich texture in each bite.

Sorrel Verjus Dressing

Always on the lookout for a salad dressing that goes beyond the usual Balsamic or Italian Vinaigrette?  Along with drizzling it on the Steak and Goat Cheese Salad,  try introducing this refreshing sorrel number into your usual dressing line-up. 

Steak and Goat Cheese Salad

Right-from-the-farm goat cheese is always spectacular, but its sweetness pairs perfectly with the tangy edge of sorrel.  Add some thin slices of steak and you've got an elegant salad that's simple to prepare.

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Photo(s) by Kristin Celeste Shroeger