Northern Michigan People: We met up with Carter at a Lake Michigan Credit Union open house last week. Carter, an HGTV personality, philanthropist and Traverse native, is the newest spokesperson for the financial institution. We drove out to the stunning home on Old Mission and checked in with our favorite carpenter over a glass of his very own riesling. Practically a date, right?! Except not. He's married. (Ya snagged a good'n, Amy Smart…)

"I love Traverse City. And I always knew I wanted to start a business and come back to this place. But with the production company in L.A., the nonprofit, 3 shows on air…. I'm kept elsewhere. I needed a reason to get me back here and regularly. Summer time, it's easy to come back. But I wanted to give back."

Read the latest on Carter's partnership with the Credit Union, his new winery and book in this QA on Jenny's blog.

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Photo(s) by Glen Goen – Lake Michigan Credit Union