Northern Michigan Food & Wine: We know that a handful of contestants may break down in tears—but the Restaurant Week Contest is officially closed and the winner has claimed his prize. That said, if we haven't touched base, you didn't win. Sorry about that. But who is taking home the $1300 in dining certificates and weekend passes to the 2013 Wine & Art Festival? That'd be Jim Carr, Traverse City native and food enthusiast. Excited and admittedly jealous, we checked in with Jim after sharing the good news:

Out of the 20+ restaurants your prize includes, what's the first place you'll be heading?

Red Ginger. I've never been before but I'm a sushi fan and would love to get out there. I had plans to go during Restaurant Week with my sister but I didn't end up making it. 

With $1300 to spend, it sounds like your next few months will be one Restaurant Week after another.

Yeah we're thinking we'll just have to eat out twice a week. Between my girlfriend and I, I think we'll find a way to spend the prize. I might let my sister in on a meal or two.

And when you're not winning grand foodie prizes, what do you like to do in town?

I do love my beer, so a lot of my favorite hangouts have that theme going for them. 7 Monks is great and I'm really looking forward to Niedermaier 's new brewery.

Ah so you're a beer guy, what about wine? You've scored quite the package to the Wine & Art Festival this summer.

Sure, I like a good glass of wine! Locally, the Grand Traverse Riesling is my top pick. But it sounds like I'll be trying a lot of new ones at the festival.

No better time! But back to the initial contest—How'd you hear about it?

Oh I just found it on your site. I like to watch your videos from time to time. And on that note, if you need somebody to do the sampling in another Best Eats video, I wouldn't mind taking up the job.

… Jim, I ain't quittin' any time soon. But duly noted.

Didn't win? Buck up, pal. You can be our next big winner of $500 in spa treatments! Enter our contest here. (You don't win if you don't enter!)

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