Traverse City Events: Save your money for the popcorn and candy—movie lovers can enjoy a week of freebie films Friday, March 22- Thursday, March 28 at Traverse City's State Theatre. With a different theme each day of the week plus kids' flicks every morning, there's bound to be a favorite for every viewer. Here's the lineup!

Friday, March 22: Big Screen Weekend

1pm- The Bourne Legacy 4pm- The Dark Knight Rises
7:30 pm- The Avengers 10:45 pm- The Raid: Redemption

Saturday, March 23: Big Screen Weekend

1pm- The Hobbit 4:30pm- The Hunger Games
7:45pm- Chronicle 9:45pm- Looper

Sunday, March 24: Tom Hanks Day

1pm- The Da Vinci Code 4:15pm- Saving Private Ryan 7:45pm- Forrest Gump

Monday, March 25: Teen Day

1pm- The Twilight Sage: Breaking Dawn Part 2 3:45pm- The Breakfast Club
6:15pm- Pitch Perfect 8:45pm- Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

Tuesday, March 26: Daniel Day Lewis Day

1pm- In the Name of the Father 4pm- A Room with a View
6:45pm- The Last of the Mohicans 9:20pm- The Crucible

Wednesday, March 27: Chick Flick Day

1:20pm- Breakfast at Tiffany's 4pm- The Devil Wears Prada
6:30pm- Say Anything 9pm- Eat Pray Love

Thursday, March 28: Epic Oscars Day

1pm- Skyfall 4:15pm- The Master 7:30pm- Life of Pi

Kids Films

Friday, March 22, 10 am- How to Train Your Dragon Saturday, March 23, 10am- Rise of the Guardians
Sunday, March 24, 10am- The Adventures of Tintin
Monday, March 25, 10am- Paranorman
Tuesday, March 26, 10am- Madagascar 3
Wednesday, March 27, 11am- The Muppets Thursday, March 28, 10am- The Pirates: Band of Misfits

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