Traverse City Events: History Center of Traverse City invites history buffs ages 7-13 for a Night At The Museum. It's one day of five exciting programs, including a viewing of the movie Night At The Museum plus a pizza party! Just in time for spring break, it all kicks off next Wednesday March 27, 2013 at 10am. All students must be preregistered as 20 students are limited per program, with the exception of 50 students for the movie showing.

Price: $25 for the entire day or $7 per program, register now by contacting Maddie at or (231) 995-0313 x106.

Program 1: How did Traverse City become Traverse City?
(10-11am) Students will find out how people came this far north; What jobs did they do? Who were they? What kept them here? They will have the opportunity to look at photos, maps and artifacts from early Traverse City. This program will include interactive discussions and a group game.

Program 2: Exploring Historical Objects: What is it?
(11:15-12:15am) We have some fascinating objects in our museum collection but some look very different from what they were really used for. Students will explore interesting historical objects and learn more about their real meaning and use.


Program 3: A New Look at Downtown TC—Weather permitting
(1:15-3:15pm) Students will walk through downtown and along the bay to see and experience the changes that have happened through the years. Participants must wear appropriate clothes for the weather that day. Call for information if special accommodations are needed.

Program 4: Be the Object
(4:30-5:30pm) This program will give students an opportunity to use their creative writing or drawing skills to make a story, poem or drawing from the objects', the owner's, or even the creator of the objects' perspective. The objects and the stories/drawings will be on display in the museum for public/family viewing throughout the summer.

Program 5: Night at the Museum
(5:45-8:15pm) Students will take a tour of the History Cneter, visit our new Legends Exhibit and discover how they are a legend! They will also enjoy a pizza party while watching the movie "Night at the Museum," then discuss how our museum would come alive. Participants should bring a blanket and a pillow.

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