A Guide to Winter Camping in the Porcupine Mountains

Traverse, Northern Michigan’s Magazine editor, Jeff Smith, and some friends went winter camping in the Porcupine Mountains on cross country skis in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. He shares their February experience along with some tips for making a winter camping experience successful.

“Winter camping is worth a try if you know somebody to go with,” says Smith of his experience. “What you really can’t understand until you do it is that you really don’t get cold. When I think back on winter camping, I really never think about the cold, I just remember wandering with a couple of my best friends through old growth hemlock stuffed with snow and skiing in perfect conditions across hills and ridges that deliver amazing views of winter landscape, views that most people are skipping because they are home with a TV remote in their hand. (Ooops….sorry, edging toward self righteous there.)”

Trek through the Porkies with Jeff in his blog—complete with exceptional en route photography.

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