Northern Michigan Vacations: Flights from Newark to Traverse City

Northern Michigan Vacations: Remember packing the truck late into the night? Filling the cooler with otherwise "off-limit" snacks and sliding it into the hatchback? You grabbed your pillow and nestled in for the four-hour ride— you were going Up North.

Now that's all fine and dandy, chock-full of nostalgia, and optimal opportunity for family bonding. But it's also a lot of time. And when you're short on it, the time just getting Up North can make or break a vacation. That's why United Airlines has announced new seasonal flights from Newark straight to Traverse City, July through August. Running three times weekly, you and your family can jet up for a festival, concert, even a much-needed beach bonfire, and still make it home for Monday's meeting. How's that for time?

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  • Anonymous

    Newark New JERSEY?

  • Anonymous

    Please know that the aircraft that is shown is much larger than the aircraft that will serve that route. For some reason this airport likes to display a much larger seasonal aircraft that serves the area flown by Northwest / Delta. This misrepresents the current service at this airport and the because of the true size of aircraft and lack of frequecy.