Mike Albaugh’s Best Eats at Northern Michigan Restaurants for 2013

Pulled Pork Tacos

Roaming Harvest  //  231.649.0523 Slow-roasted pig shoulder is pulled into tasty filaments and nested in a warm tortilla with purple cabbage slaw and chimichurri. Check the website to find out where TC’s hippest food truck will be parked.

Belgian Fries & Grilled Cheese

The Soup Cup  //  620 Railroad Place  //  Traverse City 231.932.7687 Fresh potatoes are hand-cut every day, double-fried to uncommon crispness and piled beside gratuitously buttered slices of Old Mission bread filled with whatever melty fromage strikes your fancy.

Check out this video where Jenny Buechel visits some of the 2013 Best Eats locations and chats with chefs about techniques and secrets.

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