Northern Michigan Recipes: Pizza For Snobs

Northern Michigan Recipes: Do you eat with your pinky up? Enjoy even a tv-table meal in candle light? Well, my foodie snobs, I get it. And so does Kristin Celeste, Traverse City's local food blogger and creator of The Intentional Minimalist. Kristin's known for taking classic eats and then amping 'em up in nutrition and flavor. This week she presents her Roasted Chicken, Cilantro and Corn Pizza. The triple C, if you will. It's that round golden beauty we all love, made with sustainable ingredients to keep you and your fancy pants going all day.


This recipe features local produce from 9 Bean Rows Farm, Birch Point Farm, Sugar View Farm and locally produced products from Dennett's Gluten Free, Food for Thought and Farm Country Cheese House.

  • Gluten-free whole grain pizza crust mix
  • Farm fresh local roasted chicken
  • Farm fresh local red onion
  • Farm fresh local cilantro
  • Farm fresh local frozen corn kernels
  • Chives
  • Farm fresh local corn shoots
  • Local wild leek marinara sauce
  • Local monterey jack cheese
  • Local sharp yellow cheddar


Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Prepare and bake pizza crust per package directions.

Shred one cup monterey jack cheese, one cup sharp yellow cheese and mix cheese together. Shred one cup roasted chicken. Slice one half cup red onion. Remove one cup cilantro leaves from stem. Mince one tablespoon chives and one tablespoon corn shoots.

Spread one half cup wild leek marinara sauce on baked pizza crust. Top pizza with half the shredded cheese. Add half the cilantro leaves, half the red onions and the remaining shredded cheese. Add roasted chicken, remaining cilantro leaves, remaining red onion and one half cup frozen corn kernels.

Bake pizza for ten minutes, then turn off oven. Remove pizza from oven and sprinkle on chives and corn shoots.  Place pizza in warm oven for an additional three-five minutes. Remove pizza from oven and let set for a few minutes before serving.

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  • Anonymous

    I always check out this website for healthy and tasty recipe’s – – My favourite is the sugar free chocolate pudding because it just tastes amazing

  • elishab

    I always check out this website for healthy and tasty recipe’s – – My favourite is the sugar free chocolate pudding because it just tastes amazing

  • Paisley40

    Sounds very good and nutritious. My question is: Where do you get Local Wild Leek Marinara Sauce? We are summer residents of Traverse City and at the moment we are in Cincinatti. I guess I will need to Google it.

  • Jenny Buechel

    Hey Paisley40, thanks for the question! Here’s the answer straight from Kristin herself:

    The Wild Leek Marinara and Dipping Sauce is locally produced by Food for Thought. The hand-harvested wild leeks are sourced from the pristine forests at Food For Thought in Honor, Michigan.

    The Wild Leek Marinara and Dipping Sauce can be purchased at Traverse City’s Oryana or online at

    Happy eating:)