It’s here—March, the tale end of winter. While we’re all cashing in at Old Navy for spring’s brightest tanks, it’s a good time to remember what’s here and what’s now. Yep, the temps are still low. But with the daylight stretching longer each day, that thick snowy base has never been more ideal for skiing. Traverse Magazine’s Rachel North committed to a long and active season on the slopes back in November. Since then, she’s watched the resort traffic soar sky high and then simmer down low. And now at the season’s end, Rachel insists that March is the prime time for shredding Northern Michigan powder.

“In November, people watch the Northern Michigan weather reports ready to worship the first snowflake. By the end of February, taxed by the stress of clearing driveways, scraping windshields and enduring white knuckled commutes, many people are not glorifying winter’s stamina. But I do. In fact, I’m enjoying some of the best skiing of my life and certainly this season.”

Read the entirety of Rachel’s 6 reasons for loving March skiing in her blog.

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