Northern Michigan Home & Cottage: It's been a long one—winter that is. And though I love the white stuff as much as any snow-sports enthusiast, well, it's high time for nature to bring us a little color. Chances are that Mother E. still won't have delivered by the time you open this issue, but I can promise that you'll have a healthy dose of spring fever by the time you make it to the last page of this April/May Northern Home & Cottage. Who wouldn't be pining to dig into the warming soil after soaking up the photos of the bright red Knock Out roses in Dilly and Richard Kirby's Paris-inspired Harbor Springs garden? The vibrant green leaves of their row of pear trees, the pop of purple from blooming lemon thyme.

Now wander with us down the coast and out onto Old Mission Peninsula, where, high up on a bluff overlooking Lake Michigan, the design for a modernist steel-and-glass home began with the yearning to grow fat, juicy tomatoes and other culinary plants year round, right next to the kitchen. Imagine tasting summer regardless of the season.

And on we go to the Leelanau Peninsula and another distinctly different, yet no less breathtaking, landscape at Windy Knob Farm. In this story, the lilacs that hedge the jaw-dropping panorama of Lake Michigan are blooming, as they have for the better part of a century.

Yes, spring always comes to Northern Michigan. In the meantime, enjoy a hit of rejuvenation, right here.

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