Northern Michigan Food: Every week, we receive an email with Kristin's upcoming Intentional Minimalist featured recipes. And every week, we sit wide-eyed at our computers. The subject lines alone will make you question if you've already eaten lunch. And the photos, well, having a snack on hand is a wise decision. So are you ready for this one? Maple Whiskey Orange Marmalade. The chef herself precautions all at home that "the marmalade will sweep you off of your feet and knock your socks off….that is if you can keep out of it during the last hour it is cooking." Is that a dare, Kristin? Sounds tempting. And delicious… Okay we're in.

Maple Whisky Orange Marmalade

This recipe features locally produced products from 9 Bean Rows.


Oranges Crown royal maple whisky Local maple syrup


Turn crock pot on high. Wash ten large oranges, zest two cups of orange zest and place in crock pot. Remove seeds, remove orange sections from the ten oranges and place orange sections in crock pot. Add one half cup maple syrup, one cup water, stir well, cover crock pot and cook on high for two hours.

Blend marmalade with hand blender directly in crock pot. Cover and cook on low for eight hours.

Add one half cup whisky, stir well, cook on high uncovered for two hours.

Turn off crock pot. Stir marmalade and jar in glass jars with tight fighting lids. Store in refrigerator and use within one week or freeze.

Mizuna Salad with Orange Marmalade Dressing

This recipe features local produce from 9 Bean Rows, Providence Farm, Birch Point Farm and locally produced products from Food for Thought and Black Star Farms.


Farm fresh local rosemary Maple Whisky Orange Marmalade
Local olive oil
Local verjus
Farm fresh local red onion
Raw walnuts Farm fresh local mizuna


Mince one teaspoon rosemary. In a glass jar, mix one tablespoon orange marmalade, rosemary, two tablespoons olive oil, three tablespoons verjus and season with salt and pepper to taste.

Per salad, peel and slice one orange, two tablespoons red onion and crush two tablespoons raw walnuts.

Per salad, plate three cups mizuna, orange slices, red onion slices, walnuts and top with one-two tablespoons orange marmalade dressing.

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Photo(s) by Kristin Celeste Shroeger