In November, people watch the Northern Michigan weather reports ready to worship the first snowflake. By the end of February, taxed by the stress of clearing driveways, scraping windshields and enduring white knuckled commutes, many people are not glorifying winter’s stamina. But I do. In fact, I’m enjoying some of the best skiing of my life and certainly this season. And I’m thrilled to ski this weekend and Spring Break (last week of March). In addition to all the February reasons to ski Northern Michigan, like no Rocky Mountain price tag, the great restaurants Up North and family friendly resorts, here are six reasons why I’m loving skiing in March.

1. We have the slopes to ourselves. Last Sunday the slopes were quiet, peaceful and lovely. My daughter and I never waited in a lift line. That’s right, skied down the hill, around the lift and onto the chair. We shot videos of just my daughter. We enjoyed the solitude and hush of the woodsy runs. And I never had to slow down or speed up to get around other skiers. We had all the room we could want and looking down from the lift, the pick of any run.

–And I just thought of another related benefit … really good parking spots! Pulled up on Friday afternoon and parked two spots from the Crystal Center. Saturday was busier and I still got a great spot.

2. The sunlight lasts, and lasts. On Thursday, the day will be as long as the night. And Friday, the night will be a bit shorter and the day a bit longer. When it gets dark, Crystal closes the North Face lift, around 5 p.m. in February. In March it stays open longer. And there’s still sunshine on the front face long after 6 p.m. And the sunsets—what glorious sunsets we’ve had, painting the mountains in Easter egg colors of carnation pink, ruby rose and melon, followed by the most magical violet hour of dusk.

3. Great snow conditions. In December, there may be only a few runs open and everyone celebrates. This March we have remarkable snow conditions. (Not so last year when it was 80 degrees) There’s five feet of base, its been snowing for two days and there’s more coming. Evenings have been cold, so if they need to, the resorts can make snow.

4. My ski skills are at their best of the season. I’m really enjoying my new boots. And I’m well practiced, so everything feels good under ski. My daughter is at her peak, she’s beautiful to watch, like a dancer.

5. It’s warmer now. We believe that there is no bad weather, just bad gear. And it’s nice to be able to wear less gear with the warmer temperatures. And the sunshine feels good and looks great in the photos.

6. Nice dry roads. With warmer temps and more sunshine the roads are drier, so getting to the resort is easier. Of course we do still have snow in the forecast, so be careful driving.

7. And March skiing in Northern Michigan is cheap. (So seven reasons, not just six.) And it’s the best reason of all—low, low costs. Crystal Mountain’s adult lift tickets next week are $25; kids get rental and lift tickets for $10. Two nights lodging will get you one free. There are specials for lift and lodging at Boyne as well, $98 per person as long as Mother Nature allows. At Nubs Nob, adults and teens ski for just $35 every day and children are $28. And at Caberfae Peaks,stay one night and ski two days for $69 per person. Caberfae lift tickets this Friday, March 22 are $9.

So grab your gear and ski! There’s only a little of March left, but it is sure to be glorious.

Photo(s) by Rachel North