Northern Michigan Shopping: Hiking boots. They're not a cheap purchase—And if they are, chances are they're no good for Northern Michigan's arctic tundra.

Our Marketing Director Rachel North was long overdue for a boot upgrade. It may have taken the right shoe's total separation from the sole, but just last week, Rachel set out for a winter-worthy pair. Sporty and styling, don't be surprised if you catch her strutting her stuff down Front Street. 

"… it wasn't a good time to buy hiking boots … there was the fuel oil bill, the annual parking pass and of course, the bills from Christmas … but those corporate pumps aren't very useful trekking across the Boardman River walkway covered in lumpy, bumpy, treacherous ice and snow. (and useless, I'm told in snowshoes.) So here I was, the girl who couldn't afford lunch listening to Mitch talk about Gortex, and the weight of soles, which ones would break in quickly and which would be best for a gal who didn't do anything more than light hiking and crossing puddles."

Read the rest of Rachel's shopping shenanigans in her blog!

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