Northern Michigan Food: Some crunchy, some chewy, and a whole lot of YUM. Local food blogger Kristin Celeste Shroeger shares five of her favorite wraps for an ultra nutritious meal. Cut, take, that's a wrap!

Slaw Wraps with Verjus Poppy Seed Dressing


  • Local verjus
  • Scallion infused olive oil
  • Walnut oil
  • Local maple syrup
  • Poppy seeds
  • Sea salt
  • Ground pepper
  • Farm fresh local red cabbage
  • Farm fresh local green cabbage
  • Farm fresh local red kale
  • Farm fresh local pea shoots
  • Farm fresh local parsley
  • Farm fresh local shallots
  • Raw walnuts
  • Farm fresh local boston bibb lettuce


In a glass jar, mix three tablespoons verjus, two tablespoons scallion infused olive oil, one tablespoon walnut oil, one tablespoon maple syrup, one tablespoon poppy seeds and season to taste with salt and pepper.

Slice one cup red cabbage and place in a large glass mixing bowl.  Slice one cup green cabbage and add to the mixing bowl. Remove stems from and slice one cup red kale and add to the mixing bowl. Remove one cup pea shoots from stems and add to the mixing bowl.  Remove one half cup parsley leaves from stems and add to the bowl. Slice one fourth cup shallot and add to the mixing bowl. Pour dressing into slaw, toss well and let rest ten minutes.

Chop one half cup walnuts and stir into the slaw. Plate two leaves of boston bibb lettuce one on top of the other and top with one half cup slaw.

Arugula Chicken Wraps with Sorrel Salsa Verde


  • Farm fresh local red onion
  • Farm fresh local radishes
  • Homemade Gin and Juice Roasted Sorrel Chicken
  • Farm fresh local arugula
  • Homemade Sorrel Salsa Verde


Slice one quarter cup radishes and chop one quarter cup red onion. Shred one cup Gin and Juice Roasted Sorrel Chicken.

Plate two large arugula leaves, top with two-three tablespoons Gin and Juice Roasted Sorrel Chicken, one half tablespoon radishes, one half tablespoon red onions and one tablespoon Sorrel Verde Sauce. Fold base of arugula leaves over to form a wrap and enjoy!

Beet Noodle Arugula Wraps with Cilantro Lime Dipping Sauce


  • Lime
  • Farm fresh local green onions
  • Farm fresh local cilantro
  • Tamari
  • Homemade lemon infused olive oil 
  • Farm fresh local arugula
  • Farm fresh local chioggia beet
  • Farm fresh local baby beet greens
  • Farm fresh local red cabbage
  • Farm fresh local shallot
  • Farm fresh local pea shoots
  • Farm fresh local chive


Cilantro Lime Dipping Sauce Directions

Zest lime, mince lime zest and juice lime. Reserve zest and juice. Mince two tablespoons green onions and add to glass jar.  Mince two tablespoons cilantro and add to jar with one teaspoon lime zest. Stir in one teaspoon tamari, two tablespoons lime juice and two tablespoons lemon infused olive oil.

Arugula Wrap Directions

Remove stems from large arugula leaves, wash and dry leaves. Slice the top and bottom off of one large chioggia beet. Using a spiral slicer, slice one cup into thin noodles. Wash and dry one cup baby beet greens, one cup pea shoots and one cup cilantro leaves. Thinly slice one cup red cabbage. Slice one quarter cup shallots and separate into rings.

Plate large arugula leaf and layer on a few tablespoons beet noodles, baby beet greens, red cabbage, pea shoots, cilantro leaves and a few shallot rings. Roll arugula leaf up into a wrap and tie wrap with chive. Serve arugula wraps with the cilantro lime dipping sauce.

Spicy Sausage Lettuce Wraps


  • Local pork sausage
  • Local cherry salsa atento
  • Farm fresh local jalapeno
  • Farm fresh local scallion
  • Farm fresh local green pepper
  • Farm fresh local tomato
  • Farm fresh local goat cheese
  • Farm fresh local boston bibb lettuce


In a large covered metal skillet, brown sausage over medium low heat with one cup cherry salsa atento. Remove from heat and allow sausage to sit five minutes.

Mince one jalapeno, thinly slice one long scallion, chop one green pepper, chop one medium tomato and cube one half cup goat cheese. Remove boston bibb lettuce leaves, trim stems and lay flat.

Plate two leaves of boston bibb lettuce one on top of the other, add one tablespoon green pepper, one tablespoon tomato and one-two tablespoons sausage.  Top lettuce wrap with one teaspoon jalapeno, one teaspoon scallion and one-two teaspoons goat cheese.

Warm Cabbage Wraps


  • Farm fresh local red cabbage
  • Farm fresh local hakuri turnip
  • Farm fresh local red onion
  • Local olive oil
  • Farm fresh local dried cranberries
  • Caraway seeds
  • Fennel seeds
  • Anise seeds
  • Local cherry honey mustard
  • Local verjus
  • Farm fresh local pac choi


Slice three cups red cabbage. Slice one cup hakuri turnip into matchsticks. Slice one half cup red onion.

Warm one tablespoon olive oil in a large metal skillet over medium heat with cabbage, turnip, onion in metal skillet with one half cup cranberries, one half teaspoon caraway seeds, one half teaspoon fennel seeds, one half teaspoon anise seeds and one quarter teaspoon sea salt. Stir and cook for five minutes.

In a glass jar, add three teaspoons verjus, two teaspoons olive oil, one teaspoon cherry honey mustard and one quarter teaspoon pepper. Stir dressing into cabbage salad and continue to cook for two minutes.

Remove pac choi leaves from stems. Add two tablespoons warm cabbage salad to pac choi leaves. Wrap and enjoy!

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