Northern Michigan Style: 2013 is the 20th year for upcycled clothing and fashion accessories company, Baabaazuzu. Known for their clever use of reclaimed wool sweaters to create hats, scarves, skirts, jackets, bags and more, Baabaazuzu is beginning their monumental anniversary with a new vision—repurposing men’s cotton dress shirts and vintage tablecloths to create a women’s spring line.

In 2012 Baabaazuzu expanded their wool collection by creating a men’s line for 2012, which has been well received. Like their men’s line, the spring addition is a creative avenue for the designer to think differently about how to breathe new life into vintage garments.

“We’re always excited to tell people we’re saving wool from the landfill,” explains Baabaazuzu co-founder and CEO Sue Burns. “It’s quite a feeling to know that we’ll be salvaging cotton material as well. Not only will our spring line be eco-chic, it will also make the Baabaazuzu brand less seasonal.”

As an internationally recognized brand, Baabaazuzu is featured in a number of warmer climates, which experience little winter compared to Baabaazuzu’s headquarters (Lake Leelanau, MI). Their spring collection will be fitting for their southern retailers and customers, as well as having a presence in their northern counterparts’ summer season.

The Baabaazuzu spring line includes one-of-a-kind, handcrafted clothing and accessories:

  • Cap Sleeve Tops
  • Tank Tops
  • Cardigans
  • Dresses
  • Skirts

“Like our winter line, our spring line stays true to our mission,” explains Burns. “Our designs are made of upcycled materials and pieced together with artistic care right here in Michigan.”

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