How to build a site where company owners can showcase great design skills and sell online without getting a degree in HTML

Located in Frankfort, Michigan, just steps from the majestic Lake Michigan coastline, Betsie Bay Furniture is dedicated to the art of design and great service. The designers at our store, led by owners Jeff and Janet Hessler, have extensive experience in providing a full range of design services and assistance. Betsie Bay's boutique bespeaks it's reputation for professional design quality and impeccable service. The owners asked MyNorth Media to give their website that same level of professionalism and yet allow the boutique owners to add new projects and portfolio presentations to the site without having to get a degree in HTML.


  • The owners of Betsie Bay Furniture can add new projects easily from a content management system that allows them to put up new photos easily, instantly updating the website
  • Betsie Bay Furniture also sells unique accessories online, processing orders and credit cards safely
  • The website design is open and works with the many different design styles of furniture offered by Betsie Bay Furniture including rustic, vintage, contemporary and cottage
  • Visitors to the website can sign up for the regular newsletter, continuing the relationship with Bestie Bay until they are ready to become customers


  • Content management system allows the store owners to upload photos and other updates
  • Online store manages customer purchases
  • Newsletter sign up form on the home page
  • Links to Facebook pages connect customers to social marketing activities of Betsie Bay Furniture
  • Portfolio pages include photo galleries to showcase Betsie Bay designs in customer homes
"I'm delighted to have been able to work with MyNorth Media," says Jeff Hessler. "After years of working with Traverse Magazine's advertising staff, I knew that the team there would understand my business and the demographics of my customers."
–Jeff Hessler, owner Betsie Bay Furniture

Websites & Internet Marketing Built for Northern Michigan's Business

Let MyNorth Media take the worry out of website design for your Northern Michigan business. Dozens of MyNorth Media clients can:

  •     Sell and process orders online
  •     Load photos and information themselves
  •     Add video to add scope or show "how to"
  •     Get national level design within a Northern Michigan budget
  •     Reach the MyNorth audience of more than 1 million people

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