Take a look at Mario’s top Northern Michigan food picks here!

Yes, it’s true, in addition to our other notable eats experts, Mario Batali will share his favorite Northern Michigan dishes in the March issue of Traverse, Northern Michigan’s Magazine!

In recent years, the Traverse Magazine editorial team has shared the favorite items of local foodies—people who know high-quality quality food, eat out a lot and travel all over Northern Michigan to enjoy our local cuisine. This year our team has invited Mario Batali, critically acclaimed chef, restaurateur, award-winning author and television personality, to join in and add his list. Readers who subscribe by Tuesday, January 22 will get the March issue including the Best Eats feature, order your copy here.

“We are really excited about this year’s Best Eats issue,” says editor Jeff Smith. “The foodie picks are a wonderful mix of innovative, unexpected, edgy and classics done right. And the bonus is so many of the 2013 favorites are in the realm of everyday, not out of reach.”

Other 2013 notable foodies include Michael Albaugh, Kelly Bolton, Diana MIlock and Traverse food and wine editor Tim Tebeau.

Other features in the issue include a profile of the woman who founded the wool fashion firm Baabaazuzu, a global adventurer who teaches at North Central Michigan College when she’s not heading to the North Pole or cycling Africa, and Leelanau icon Glen Noonan, who recently donated a large conservation easement to the Leelanau Conservancy.

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Photo(s) by Ken Goodman Photography