Wings Of Wonder, A Northern Michigan Non-Profit For Wildlife

Wings of Wonder is a non-profit raptor (bird of prey) sanctuary in Empire, Michigan. Since 1990, the program has educated Northern Michiganders through classroom and fieldwork, rehabilitated injured wildlife, and released numbers of healthy beauties back into nature. Check out founder Rebecca Lessard’s blog for a must-see transformation of one sickly owl into a thriving and majestic creature. Stunning photography included, this owl’s journey is just a taste of the miraculous happenings at Wings of Wonder.

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Article Comments

  • Anonymous

    I have heard great things about Wings Of Wonder and all you do to rescue and rehabilitate rapture birds. My question is relevant to a point, but involves a PET instead of weild bird. I have a 60 year old yellow headed amazon parrot that needs her talons (toenails?) trimmed desperately, and cannot find any place in or near Traverse City that can come to my house to cut this bird’s nails. All the veterinarians I have talked to tell me the parrot would likely not survive a transport to a facility in the winter. herclaws are now nearly rounded back to her foot, and she catches them frequently on her cage. I worry that she will break a leg in an attempt to negotiate her cage withg these nails so dangerously curved. Is there anyone out there that can help me? Please email me at Mike Blodgett, [email protected] or call me at 231-947-8093 if there is any assistance available. Thank you! Mike Blodgett Traverse City, Michigan.