We asked our Twitter and Facebook audiences to finish this sentence:  "You know you're in Northern Michigan when … " And we are delighted with the 17 responses we got. Some are sentimental, others are funny, but they all give some insight into what a special place Northern Michigan is. If you missed our posts and want to add your observations, please enter them in the comments section below. Or you can hit up our MyNorth.com the Online Home of Traverse Magazine Facebook page with the post if that's easier.

You know you're in Northern Michigan when…

  1. … a sign outside an office building says, "This is not a deer check."
  2. … you can't figure out where to go for dinner–there are so many delectable choices!
  3. … the shoes on your daughter's Christmas list have been tested to -20 degrees Fahrenheit
  4. … later, when you're in a big city, you find it's hard to not say hello to everyone you see! (I love the friendliness of people up here. Especially if I have my dog with me.)
  5. … your road bike costs more than your car.
  6. … you are unable to find an M22 roadside sign which hasn't been stolen.
  7. … you pass mile marker 212 heading north on I75.
  8. … locking your car means leaving the keys under the floor mat.
  9. … you see God's handywork everywhere you look.
  10. … you don't have to wonder if you'll have a white Christmas.
  11. … your dogs' names are Patagonia and Smartwool.
  12. … The stress melts away
  13. … you see someone riding a fat bike to work in the snow.
  14. … there's a live 40 ft. Christmas tree in the middle of downtown Traverse City.
  15. … you see a man on a bicycle, carrying a dead dear on his back.
  16. … everyone's drinking coffee and there's not a Starbuck's in sight
  17. You're never more than a mile from a lake, stream, brewery or winery.
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