Twenty-three-year-old Ann Arborite Jake Dunn helped open Slabtown as a burger slinger and is now running the joint. Between sloppy bites of a Slabtown signature, we query Jake on the mythology of stuffed burgers and DIY wisdom.

Stuffed burgers sound dangerous, please explain.
They’re great. In the Pungi’s Pepper Patty for example we pound out two thin patties, top one with jalapeños, cream cheese and crumbled bacon and seal the other over the top, kind of like a meat envelope. The result is juicy, messy and always good.

Any tips for re-creating Slabtown mojo on our own stovetops?
Get a grind with 10 to 20 percent fat to keep the burger juicy. Form the patties whatever size you like and use a little spice rub just before grilling. We use a flat top grill but a very hot nonstick or cast iron is great, you want a good sear to lock in the moisture. Make sure not to flatten your burgers while they’re cooking as this will press out the juices.

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